Once you and your Team have decided on your goals and outcomes and agreed on the individual service plan, you can arrange, direct and purchase supports and service for yourself through the Self-Directed Supports option. Participation in self-directed supports is voluntary. You decide how many services you wish to direct. If you decide to self-direct all or part of your individual service plan, My Choice Family Care will develop a budget for you. A Self-Directed Supports budget cannot exceed the cost of services in a Managed Care Organization (MCO) directed plan. For more information about the Self-Directed Supports option, please talk with your Care Manager.

Your Team will continue to work with you and your service providers to meet your health and safety needs and to review your budget each year.

You will be responsible for personal decisions and actions needed to make your self-directed program work for you.

Since the people you choose become your employees, if you choose to participate in the Self-Directed Supports program, your Care Manager will request assistance from the MCO Fiscal Agent with payroll related tasks.

For providers who come into your home or provide intimate personal care, the MCO will purchase services from whomever you choose as long as that person meets the MCO’s requirements and accepts the MCO’s rates. The MCO encourages you to receive help from people who are familiar to you. However, your care providers need training to meet your needs and they will need to be employed by one of the agencies, under contract, to the MCO. Your Team will help you and your preferred care provider through this process.

If the helper you choose does not wish to be employed by one of these co-employment agencies, we will help you find the best possible replacement for that worker.

For other services, you can choose among the providers in the MCO’s provider network. You can request a provider who is not in the provider network and the MCO will consider your request. Instances where your request to use a provider who is not in the provider network would be honored may include when network providers do not have capacity or expertise to meet your need, or cannot meet your need on a timely basis, or are located in geographic locations or buildings that make transportation or physical access an undue hardship to you.

The MCO reserves the right to restrict the level of self-management exercised by a member when the Team finds the health and safety of the member or another person is threatened; substantial financial mis-management or conflicting interests are taking precedence over the desires and best interest of the member.

To get a brief overview of Self-Directed Supports, please click My Choice SDS Flyer.

If you would like to speak to someone about the Self-Directed Supports option, please call the My Choice Family Care Member Liaison at 414-287-7621.