Sheboygan County – Aging and Disability Resource Center


Residents of Sheboygan, WI – here’s your chance to get to know the Aging and Disability Resource Center in your neighborhood. The mission of the ADRC is to help older adults and people with physical or developmental disabilities secure needed services or benefits, live with dignity and security and achieve maximum independence and quality of life. Their vision is to promote “quality of life” by offering information, support and options.

The ADRC is designed as an entry point for persons who require or are in need of information surrounding aging and disability related issues. Through this entry point, a person is able to discuss their long-term care needs and the ADRC is designed to identify how these needs may be fulfilled through identification of programs and services within their region. The ADRC is also charged with the responsibility of conducting outreach services to the aging community and Transition Outreach services to young disabled adults transitioning out of high school. The ADRC also attempts to identify community needs or gaps in service delivery systems.

When calling or visiting the ADRC you should expect a welcome, friendly experience that results in unbiased assistance for you, your family or friends with any age or disability related issue. The ADRC staff may ask specific questions to address what your need is. When appropriate staff may also inquire about funding and whether or not there in an intention on using private or public dollars so that all options may be explored to best meet your needs. To see what resources are available, please CLICK HERE