I am interested in becoming a network service provider, what services does My Choice Family Care provide?

Please see the My Choice Family Care Benefit Package, by viewing pages 23 and 24 of the Member Handbook.

If I want to become a network service provider, are there certain requirements that I must meet?

The requirements are listed in the My Choice Family Care Provider Contract, and explained during the credentialing and contracting process. Some requirements are as follows:
• Must be in business for 1 year and able to show financial stability
• Be licensed, certified, Medicare and/or Medicaid certified, as applicable
• Have internet access
• Not be federally excluded by the Office of Inspector General (OIG)
• Supply a copy of Criminal and/or Caregiver background check for all owners and principles

If I want to request a provider application to become part of your network, what is the process?

My Choice Family Care is a Managed Care Organization that continuously monitors the Provider Network to ensure there is sufficient capacity to meet our Members’ needs. Please refer to the “Becoming a Service Provider” section of this website for the openings in our network service areas.

How can I provide supportive or personal care for a member who is enrolled in My Choice Family Care that resides in their own home?

Depending on the situation a few options are available:
1. If you wish to provide care to a family member or friend enrolled, please contact their Care Manager at My Choice Family Care.
2. If you wish to be employed as a supportive home care / personal care worker please contact our Supportive Home Care Employment Services:
• Supportive Home Care Options 414-475-5356
• New Health Services 414-937-2033
• The Home Care Agency 414-475-9226

What are my options for claims related questions?

My Choice Family Care has a Provider Claims Technician, Mary Jo Saggio 414-287-7424. She can assist with all billing and claims payment questions.